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Monday, May 20, 2013

Tip the Scales

I was blessed last week to receive a visit from a student I hadn't seen in a while. It was wonderful to see how her practice had blossomed. You could tell that she was more responsive and fluid with her body and less reactive and rigid. She even walked a little taller. It's lovely to see the practice of yoga radiate from someone.

The last time we spoke, she was just embarking on yoga teacher training. The conversation was very familiar. (I had a similar one with my teacher when I started teacher training a couple of years ago.) She had no intention of teaching. She wanted to focus on her practice and learn more about yoga, nothing more. I remembered smiling knowingly, teacher training would help her to find her voice and she would be a great teacher. She has a lot to give.

Fast forward a couple of months and here she is standing in front of me an energetic, newly minted teacher, with a passion for yoga and a bring balance to the universe. She told the story of how she recently attended a class with an instructor who was new to her, but has an established following. To her shock and dismay, this instructor was less Buddha and more drill sergeant. Her posture shriveled with disgust as she recounted the teacher's harsh and bullied class. But, her eyes brightened and her light began to shine as she revealed her epiphany. She needed to teach yoga to balance out the universe!

“Can you believe that people think this is yoga!” It was in this moment that she decided that she would teach. She felt called to balance the universe and send loving kindness, helpful energy and peace out into the universe.

The world could definitely use more of teachers, advisers, leaders and citizens with her mantra. So, join the charge, help balance out the universe. Better yet, help tip the scales!

Enjoy the journey!

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