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Monday, April 11, 2011

Driving Under the Influence of Savasana

Sometimes I wonder if I should drive home after an evening candlelight yoga class. I emerge from the studio under the euphoria of a great savasana, a little bit tipsy to be honest. It takes a lot of motivation to be focused enough to make the meager five minute drive home. Should I even be driving? I will do my part to be more alert on the trek home.

The bigger question is, why are my evening savasanas more fulfilling, successful, complete than others? My suspicion is that there are multiple factors that come to work here. The length of the class, it's at the end of a tiring day, and my guard and control are relaxed. These all make it eaiser to really experience the rest, the bliss, the refueling benefits of savasana. It is so much easier to let the thoughts float by, ignore to do lists and nagging thoughts in the evening.

Like all parts of yoga, sometimes the practice of savasana clicks and sometimes it doesn't. With asanas or poses, sometimes you can explore more deeply and fully than before and sometimes you have to back off, based on what's available to you that day. The practice of savasana is no different.

So, how do I find this release in my daytime practice? I need to find a way to surrender to the practice and to the mat when the sun is high and the candles are packed away. But, then again, maybe I'll have to worry about driving home during the day.

What works for you?

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